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Valentine Fairy

Dress up this lovely fairy girl. Dress up this Valentine's Fairy with some beautiful clothes and don't forget to choose beautiful wings for her!

Valentine Cookies Decoration

Make Valentine cookies and decorate them with hundreds of choices. You can choose cookie shapes, toppings and chocolates to create your own styles for your Valentines.

Cupids in Love

This awesome cupid couple is in love for Valentine's, and you need to help them kiss!

Cupid the Love Giver Coloring

Who would you like to hit by Cupid's arrow? Color this cute little Cupid anyhow you like! Then you can save the picture and send it with your St. Valentine Day greetings to your friends!

Sumptuous Chocolate Design

Cute and delicate chocolate can help you express your love. Valentine's Day is approaching. Design your favorite chocolate for you beloved. Many sumptuous chocolate for you! Come be a great chocolate designer!

My Valentine Gift

Earn points by hitting the gift and heart. The more you hit, the more you will score.

Love Hidden Objects

Love inspires the most beautiful pictures. With love in your heart, try to find the objects (hearts, flowers, gifts, rings, and etc...). For each level you have 3 minutes, and in case you run out of time, the game ends.

Free Valentine’s Stationery

Write a Valentine story or poem on free printable stationery at We have stationery for younger and older writers. Enjoy!

Love Lasso

Capture as many hearts as you can with your lasso of love.

Valentine’s Sweet Cakes

Luna's boyfriend is really loves Luna, always makes a big surprise for her. She is very moved every time. Her boyfriend invites you help him make a beautiful cake. Do you wanna give a hand to him?