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Let Me Grow

Help the flower grow. Garden your way to a bigger brain with these water puzzles!

Rainbow Mechanic

Guide the beam to create a gorgeous spectrum of light. Click on the mirror to grab the mirrors and place them in the maze so that the sunlight gets to the prism. Also available for tablets and mobile devices on PrimaryGames Mobile.

They Might Be Giants – Solid Liquid Gas

Sing along with They Might Be Giants and learn about three states of matter: Solid, Liquid and Gas.

Outer Space: "A Beautiful, Beautiful World," The Earth Song by StoryBots

Sing along with the StoryBots and learn some facts about our Planet Earth.

Smart Bee

Collect honey through the shortest and smartest path. Are you a smart bee?

They Might Be Giants – Meet the Elements

Learn about the elements with this fun song from They Might Be Giants.

What Makes a Rainbow?

Rainbows, we find out, are like a big curve of colors in the sky. They happen when there is rain and sunshine in the sky at the same time. The light shining through the raindrops gets scattered into seven different colors. They are Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet. We also discover how we can make our own rainbow.

They Might Be Giants – Roy G. Biv

A rainbow spans a continuous spectrum of colors. Learn the order of the colors in the light sprectrum with Roy G. Biv and They Might Be Giants.


You must protect the ozone layer!

Brilliant Brushers

Help Sonic Simon clean teeth with Philip's Sonicare!