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Paws to Beauty 6: Easter

Paws to Beauty is back with this special Easter Edition. Easter is a great time to dress — and pets love it too! Which outfit will you choose?

Carrot Rush

Oh no! The aliens have swiped all of the bunny’s precious carrots. Help him get 'em back. Your mission is to collect all the carrots using all the skills of the rabbit. At the end of each mission you will have the chance to upgrade the rabbit skills.

Jigmania: Snow White

Here's a jigsaw puzzle for fairytale lovers! Read the story of Snow White while unscrambling pieces to make a picture. Can you put this legendary story back together again?

Easter Bunny Egg Rush

Can you lend this cute Easter bunny a helping hand at serving tables and collecting colorful Easter eggs?

Easter Bunny Egg Collector

Team up with the Easter Bunny to help him collect Easter eggs. Gather as many lovely special Easter eggs as you can and impress your new long eared friend!

Stickman Freeride

Stickman loves sticky cycling situations.

Bad Donut

Mmmmm...donuts! We all love donuts - but no one likes a bad one. Time to throw it out! This game is available on phones, tablets and PCs.

Bus Driver’s Math

You're the bus driver in this fun math game. Your job is to calculate whether the passengers have paid enough money for the bus fare. Also available on PrimaryGames Mobile for your tablets and phones!

Easter Cutie Dress Up

Easter is just around the corner. That means it's time for bunnies, candy, and spring fashion!

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