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Slice Geom

Drag lines across the shape to divide it.

Sugar, Sugar, XMAS Special

Sugar, Sugar is back with a special Christmas edition. Draw and get enough sugar in the cups! Complete all 24 levels! (Note: draw steeper lines to make the sugar fall faster).

Infinite mathMagic

Simple math game, with increasing difficulty and a high score table. You need Speed and accuracy for a high score.

Loop the City

Construct a road that loops the city.

Rolling Hero 3

Roll trough the galaxy, unlock achievements, collect credits, unlock bonus levels.

Whale’s Adventure

Help the whale get to the finish line by plotting his course to the finish line.

Number Hunter

Like a jealous, but equally pretty twin sister of Letter hunter, Number hunter is here to satisfy those of you with a slightly more numeric approach to life. Whatever that means. Click on the numbers in sequence.

Grow Farm

Click panels in your selected order. Items you click will grow and grow with each turn. You will complete the game when all panels' level is max. They effect each other as they grow. So you have to think about the clicking order.

Draw My Little Dog

Move the pencil with your mouse and draw the little dog with it. Begin from the number 1 and end with number 37.

Factor Feeder

Eat factors of the given multiple while avoiding the monsters.