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My Secret Valentine

You've finally built up the courage to confess your feelings to your longtime crush. And there's no better time than Valentine's Day!

Valentine’s Shop

Our lady Valentine wants to help people celebrate her namesake day! She needs you to help run her store and make money to improve and grow.

Valentine Puppy Jigsaw

Awww isn't that a cute dog? This Valentine puppy jigsaw puzzle is made to celebrate Valentine's Day. We hope you like it!

Kid’s Coloring: Light Mood

Kid's Coloring: Light Mood is free coloring game.

Cupid’s Revenge

Cupid is sick of the Heartcandy Company taking over his holiday, and decides to destroy all of the candy. Help him destroy the candy before people forget what Valentine's Day is all about!

Sweet Cakes Cooking

New free online cooking game for kids. You have a recipe of the delicious chocolate cakes, follow it, add necessary ingredients into the bowl (there are hints), blend and oven, cook the icing and decorate. Bon appetit!

Chompy’s Chocolate Factory

A great little puzzle game, fully voiced and fun!

Flip Hearts

Puzzle game with a lovely theme. This is a remake of the old game Flipper with a Saint Valentine's theme.

My Sweethearts

My Sweethearts is a lovely Valentine's Day game. Match the pairs to remove them. Only sweethearts that are touching horizontally, vertically and diagonally can be removed.

Luna’s Valentine Date

A very cute boy asked Luna out on Valentine's day. We all know how shy Luna is, so she turned to fashion expert Suzie for help. They came to the boutique store. Please help Luna choose a whole set of clothes including tops, buttoms and shoes.