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Ronaldo’s Valentine’s Day Exhibition

Ronaldo has set up an exhibition for his adoring fans. Score points by scoring goals, hitting hearts and knocking down that goofy big heart streaker.

Romantic Dinner Decoration

Decorate the room for a romantic dinner!

Valentine Hearts

Valentine's Day is quickly arriving, so catch some love along with Toto and Sisi in their new Valentine Hearts cute game. Help them collect as many little red hearts as possible to offer them to Lisa and Mina.

Cupid Hearts

You are Cupid, the Love Angel. Your job is to shoot couples with Love Arrows to make them fall in Love. Match the right couples (shown in bottom left) to proceed to next level.

Valentine Memo Game

Welcome to Valentine Memo Game. Find all pairs of identical hearts as fast as you can!

Jigsaw: Box Of Chocolate

Some lovely chocolates for your sweetheart.

Valentine’s Day Coloring Book

Valentine's Day Coloring Book

Justin Jeaver Delivery Service

Quickly!! the machines in the post office are going crazy. Help Jeaver to deliver the Valentine gifts in the fan mailbox. Press the space bar to release the gifts and try to avoid the crazy post office robots.

Heart Balloons

Pop the heart balloons with your awesome golden cupid bow! Watch out for mini falling hearts or you will be crushed!

Princess Room Decoration

The room of a princess must look really fabulous and elegant, don't you think?