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Pop all the mathematical shapes in this cool chain-explosion game.

Memory Experts

Memorize the numbers and click them in ascending order.

Happy Sun

Practice number recognition with this fun dot-to-dot game!

Number Coloring Game

Number Coloring Game

Maths Genie

Imporove your Maths skills and become a Maths Genie!

Hanukkah Game

Math game. Complete to 8. Take a candle and put it on other candle to add up to 8. You may more than 2 candles to add up to 8.


2+2=? 2x2=? How good you are in arithmetic? Each number on the board is connected by arithmetic operations with other numbers. Need move between the numbers in this order to obtain a given result.

Even Glove

Help Mr. Even Glove collect his floating even numbers!

Math Find

Click in the center of a number. Drag straightly from left to right. Make an ascending/descending diagonal or a horizontal line. When you reach the end of your formula, release mouse button.

Space Geometry

Addictive Puzzle Game minimalist developed by Javier Garrido and Lucas Gonzalez. Space-based. With electronic music of Dj Attack.