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Math Scramble

Solve math puzzles by rearranging the numbers to find the equation.

Space Sum

Space Sum is a simple and fun flash game where you have to click numbered balls so that they add up to the sum needed.


Shoot all the Ballies in this fun casual cannon based physics game. Play through all 30 levels and get your high score!

MathCopter 2

Fly the Mathcopter into a balloon containing the fraction that is equivalent to the fraction found at the bottom of the screen.

Roboclock 3 : Elapsed Time

Help RoboClock get through all of the levels by calculating the correct elapsed time between the two times given. One mistake and it is all over.

Lab Rat Labyrinth 2

Free the mouse from the labyrinth within the depths of his cage in this puzzling sequel!


Try to fly through all five levels while avoiding the parachutes with the wrong answers. To get a high score capture the parachutes with the right answers.

Algebra Foods

Find the price of each of the three foods.

Roboclock 2

Help RoboClock make time fly. Or at least let him figure out which clock he needs to fly to and capture. Helps practice your time telling skills.

Mother Bird – Mathematics World

Help the Mother Bird find her sons.