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Number Maniacs

You control maniacs who go in parallel and collects positive points on the green part of the board and the negative on the red.

Math Laboratory

Educational math game for kids. Helps to improve math logical thinking skills.There are 3 levels and each is more difficult.

3x Multiplication Puzzle

3x Multiplication Puzzle Game.

Match 100

Easy and fun math game for kids.

Magic Flowers – Subtraction Math

Magic Flowers - Subtraction Math

Magic Pencil

Your goal is to create images with a magic pencil. Try to put your pictures symmetrically into computer images.

Arithmetic Sequence

The next three numbers should form the correct sequence of arithmetic operations with the use, between the first two numbers (the third number is the result), one of the four arithmetic operations: +, -,:, or x.


It's not a shame to use your brain! This game will check your mad math skills.

Arithmetic Puzzle Mini

Place the numbers and arithmetic signs to adjacent puzzle created as many arithmetic operations (both horizontally and vertically). Sqr X in the game is an element of X and X ^ is a square number of X.

Math Tower Defense

Addictive math game with tower defense gameplay, Defend your fortress. Easy to play but hard to master!