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Build the Bridge

Use your master mason skills to help this train reach its destination safely!


Help the Meeblings! Use the Meeblings special abilities to rescue as many as possible each level. Explore the Meeblings' world in all 50 fun filled levels.

Prime Landing

Press "Y" if the number is Prime. Press "N" if the number is Composite (not prime). You have 3 prime landing ships, so play carefully and get each prime landing to the platform before it crashes.

Math Defy

The villagers are trying to tear down your castle. They're armed with equations. You know what to do!

Mahjong Math

Math variation of classic mahjong game. Choose from different layouts and play. You should find the matching mahjong tiles.

Math Minute – Coins

Can you count how much is in your pocket?

Meteor Defender

The Earth is in danger. Meteorites from space are just before impact. The only way to stop them is to destroy them. Our missile base will do that for you, but they need some guidance.

Bees in Trouble

Fun math subtraction game for kids . Leave the number of balloons that answer the subtraction problem!


Lighto is original rhythm-reflex game in which you must navigate the light to the exit! Pass all 20 levels in standard mode and then 20 in LIGHTSPEED!

Quick Mathematics

English version of our Szybka Matematyka math game. Drag falling math operations and put them in bowls with proper results.