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Road Trap

Road trip? More like road trap! Help this commuter reach his goal without getting stuck in traffic.

Summer Vacation Dress Up

Summer is here! School's out and that means family vacation, awesome! Your parents are even letting you choose where to go, how cool is that?! But now the vacation is booked, plane tickets bought, suitcases packed all you need to do now is think of the pe

Love All Around The World

The world's full of cute boys to date...the hardest thing is choosing which one...

Cute Student Dress Up

She's running very late for school and has no clue what to wear. Help her pick out an outfit...and fast.

Ninja Bacon

It's trial by death-trap to prove you're worth your bacon! Impress the Master with your ninja skills...

Bubble Meadow 2

This kitty loves wildflowers. Help him put together a beautiful bouquet in this fun puzzle adventure.

Back to Candyland: Episode 2

When you go back to Candyland, you'll wonder why you ever left in the first place!

Jenny The Spaholic

Jenny knows what's going on: check out the 'Spaholic' in action.

Wako Dragon

Collect as many coins as you can in this wacky, dragon-filled platform game!


Grab your lantern, head for the door and chain up as many of these spooky monsters as you can!