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Princess Cupcake Shop

This adorable cafe is totally swamped with customers. Can you lend a hand?

Jewel Jive

Jive for jewels as fast as you can to become the undisputed champ!

Happy Stacking

Pile up these smiling boxes before your time runs out.

Dream Love Link 2

True love has met its match - its Mahjong match that is.

Movie Star Dress Up

This celeb doesn't know what to wear for tonight's big red-carpet gala. You do though, right?

Beauty Me Up

Your client wants a head-to-toe transformation. Help her look and feel fabulous!

Barnyard Scramble

Get ready for a wild time down on the farm.


You're a pirate with a treasure map in a deserted castle! To get to the vault with the treasure chest, you must unlock rooms by forming squares with symbols that are four of a kind. How quickly can you match the symbols before time runs out? Earn preci


It takes guts to play Strandead, the new Happy Tree Friends HTML5 game! Help Giggles escape the island by using the slingshot to fire her into the air and across the sea. Bounce off birds to keep your momentum, but watch out for planes and satellites. D

Ocean Implosion

KA-BLAM!!! Implode bricks of the same color to clear the board and level up. Hurry up, the board will keep filling up with more bricks! Don't let the stacks reach the top or it's Game Over!