Happy Sun

Practice number recognition with this fun dot-to-dot game!

Number Coloring Game

Number Coloring Game

Maths Genie

Imporove your Maths skills and become a Maths Genie!

Hanukkah Game

Math game. Complete to 8. Take a candle and put it on other candle to add up to 8. You may more than 2 candles to add up to 8.


2+2=? 2x2=? How good you are in arithmetic? Each number on the board is connected by arithmetic operations with other numbers. Need move between the numbers in this order to obtain a given result.

Even Glove

Help Mr. Even Glove collect his floating even numbers!

Math Find

Click in the center of a number. Drag straightly from left to right. Make an ascending/descending diagonal or a horizontal line. When you reach the end of your formula, release mouse button.

Space Geometry

Addictive Puzzle Game minimalist developed by Javier Garrido and Lucas Gonzalez. Space-based. With electronic music of Dj Attack.

7 Moves

An epic adventure 7 moves away! The caves are filled with treasures of untold riches but you need exactly 7 moves to reach them. Will you be able to beat the puzzle?

Adding Fractions

Add fractions and create integers. When the number of the field is equal to or greater than 10 and the denominator the number is greater than 1000 you lose the field. Every 5 seconds you lose 1 point. Integer created is also added to the score.