Split Stocks

Split Stocks is a game in which players buy and sell stock shares. The goal is to earn the most money within a given amount of turns. Stocks will change value to become cheaper or more expensive, so buy and sell at the right time to earn lots of money.

Draw My Love

Move the pencil with your mouse and draw the Love Heart with it. Start from the number 1 and end with number 28.

Melius Math

Your main task is to select squares with a sum that will give you the target value. Click on square to select it. Drag the mouse to select several squares.


A maths experiment-game. It's fun to make a triangle. This game shows us the length of its sides and its angles.


Funny and original math puzzle game that will test your mental capacity. Full of nice escenaries and entertainings sounds. This puzzle game have an atractive gameplay for all types of players.

Slice Geom

Drag lines across Shape to divide. 1)2 tells you how many pieces you need to divide the shape into. 1x1, tells you how many lines you can draw.

Christmas Maze

A classic maze game in Christmas edition.

My Little House

Follow the numbers with your mouse to draw a cute house.


Pop all the mathematical shapes in this cool chain-explosion game.

Memory Experts

Memorize the numbers and click them in ascending order.