I Know Art

How well do you know art? Take this short, sweet quiz and find out! Guess what is under the sticky note on the painting. Is it fruit, an animal, a building, a UFO...Is it something you never noticed before? Featuring 20 world-famous masterpieces, this gam


Join the colorful sea creatures of BubbleFish for a match-3 game you'll love! Aim the bubble-shooter to make a match of 3 or more connecting creatures, and fire when ready. Use your skills to clear the board, reach the next level, and earn powerups!

Run Pixie Run

Run, Pixie RUN! And fly. In fact, mainly fly. Tap or click to fly up; release to drop back down. Collect colorful charms for Pixie Power. It couldn't be simpler! Just don't touch the sharp pointy objects...

Bad Donut

We all love donuts...but no one likes a bad one. Time to throw it out!

Hammock Girl Dress Up

This beach side beauty is looking for a super laid-back style...can you help?

Summer Beach Dating

Crazy Boom Sale

It's time for the sales, and you'll need all your skills if you wanna get the big discounts!

Handbag By Natalie

Animal Sweets

These critters are really hungry but do you know what types of treats they're craving?

Sparkling Dishie Washing