Daily Archives: April 12, 2013

Princess to the Rescue

Because why should heroes have all the fun?

Rainbow Unicorn

Harness all the colors of the rainbow to make this unicorn glow!

Paws to Beauty

Even pets like to look their best! Grab your mouse and give these cuties a makeover.

Fairy Princess Dress Up

Green IQ

How much do you know about “Going Green”? This trivia challenge will test the limits of your Green IQ along several categories. And you can learn some environmentally friendly tips along the way!

Sleeping Beauty

What's the best way to wake up a sleeping princess? With a kiss, of course!

Angel Cat Dress Up

Because even kitties like to put life on 'paws' to create a 'purrfect' look.

Rabbit Save the World

Fatten up this heroic rabbit with a regular regimen of radishes!

Betsy’s Kindergarten Adventures: Happy Earth Day

Betsy and all her friends learn the causes and effects of pollution, and even though it's a big problem, kids can help by picking up trash and recycling.

Green Pug Recycles

Pug sorts paper from plastic, rides mass transit, swaps carrots for cows and a whole bunch of other stuff that proves being green is totally easy!