Monthly Archives: February 2012

Valentine’s Day Memory Game

This an awesome Valentine's Day themed memory matching game! It's fun for the whole family, it's kid safe! How many points can you score? Put your name on the High Scores list by Playing Now!!

Santa And Angel Coloring

Pick colors from the palette and color the Christmas angel, Santa, and Christmas gifts.

Hidden Conversation Hearts

Spoil your sweet Valentine with some delicious conversation candies and a little bit of excitement! Find the missing candies hidden in this romantic dinner decor and surprise your true love with a challenging game. Happy Valentine's Day!

My Secret Valentine

You've finally built up the courage to confess your feelings to your longtime crush. And there's no better time than Valentine's Day!

Valentine’s Shop

Our lady Valentine wants to help people celebrate her namesake day! She needs you to help run her store and make money to improve and grow.

Valentine Puppy Jigsaw

Awww isn't that a cute dog? This Valentine puppy jigsaw puzzle is made to celebrate Valentine's Day. We hope you like it!

Kid’s Coloring: Light Mood

Kid's Coloring: Light Mood is free coloring game.

Cupid’s Revenge

Cupid is sick of the Heartcandy Company taking over his holiday, and decides to destroy all of the candy. Help him destroy the candy before people forget what Valentine's Day is all about!

Parking Shuffle

Shuffle cars around a parking lot and free the trapped car.

Pipe It Again

Popular highscores puzzle game is back! Fully playable on Android devices! + Level editor + over 200 levels in players maps!