Daily Archives: February 6, 2012

Cake In Love

BobiBobi has prepared a sweet treat for you. But you've got to help him make it even more delicious. Whether you are a fruit or whipped cream lover, decorate the cake just as you like it. It is also a great way to say "I love you!".

Blackboard of Love

It's Valentine time and you feel completely in love! But oh! oh! Which of the guys deserve the right to be in your Blackboard of Love? Decorate your blackboard so you can feel even more in love every time you look at it!

Be My Valentine

Dressup in some great Valentine's Day outfits.

Taz’ Football Frenzy

Make the biggest score you can by making as many touchdown as possible and neutralizing the opponents on your way. You'll get rid of the goons if you jump on their heads or if you whirl on them after eating a hotdog powerup. You have three tries.

Ninja Mushroom

Guide your super shroom through a mystical forest.

Cutie Shootie

Shoot cute things at other cute things in Cutie Shootie. In Cutie Shootie, you don't kill things. Instead, you repel them with your cuteness. Complete your quest for cuteness over four diverse worlds.

Valentine Animals Coloring

Color four lovely animals that wishe you a Happy Valentine's Day. Images includes an elephant, two dogs in love, penguins getting married and a cute dragon.

Kid’s Coloring: Festive Mood

Free coloring game for kids.