Monthly Archives: January 2012


Adventure golf; but with cows, toads, ski slopes, torpedos and a sprinkle of alien abduction for good measure.

Toy Stackers

Stack Toys! 25 levels of toy stacking fun with 3 themes. Unlike other stacking games, here you stack toys and other random objects! Click with the mouse to place a toy on the stack.

Pink Panic

One angry Teddy has enough of Valentine's spirit.

Making Monkeys

Clone monkeys and co-operate to reach the coffee in this devious puzzle platformer.


Sling walnuts, pop apples, and feed your hedgehog to win!

Fish Coloring Game

Fish Coloring Game

Cook Delicious Pizza

You have a recipe of delicious fish pizza so do not lose time and start to cook! There are hints inside the game that help you to cook.

Must Tap Words

Tap words with the letter balls that are falling down and confirm with the ENTER key. Green words will get accepted, red words won't. Score extra points by completing the pinguin missions.

Crash Down

Group the same colored squares as quickly as possible.

Snow Tree

Build up your tree of snow to capture as many presents as you can.