Daily Archives: January 3, 2012

Skateboard Jam

Impress with your hard core moves as you complete the street course.

College Basketball History and Stats

College Basketball History and Stats is a quiz to test your knowledge of College Basketball. There are over 200 questions of varying degrees of difficulty from all periods of the college game.


Navigate Lighto to the EXIT in this original puzzle-rhytm game with 40 levels of increasing difficulty! This time you can play also on your cell phone! Play on Android devices at teenPG Mobile.

Split Stocks

Split Stocks is a game in which players buy and sell stock shares. The goal is to earn the most money within a given amount of turns. Stocks will change value to become cheaper or more expensive, so buy and sell at the right time to earn lots of money.

Draw My Love

Move the pencil with your mouse and draw the Love Heart with it. Start from the number 1 and end with number 28.

Save Your Valentine

Save your Valentine from being caught by demon hearts out there.

Baby Panda

Put together this baby panda jigsaw puzzle.