Daily Archives: December 28, 2011

New Year’s Eve

New Year's Eve coloring Game.


Click near a ship to change its trajectory, collect coins, and land safely on planets!

Shish-Kabob Dressup

Delicious Veggie and Meat Shish-Kabobs over a hot grill are waiting for you to make them! This exotic fun cooking recipe and dressup lets you make amazing Kabobs on the grill!

Bieber Skiing

Dress up Justin for his skiing adventure!

Love Letters

Help the poor boy collect his lost love letters as he struggles to keep his lost love in his memory. If you waste time, the memory will get weaker with every passing second. Collect letters to complete the image of his love.

Draw My Love

Move the pencil with your mouse and draw the Love Heart with it. Begin from the number 1 and end with number 28.

Chocolate Love

Put together a box of chocolates for your Valentine!

Scooby’s Ripping Ride

While Scooby is surfing, keep his balance by using the left and right arrows. Use the up arrow to reach the top of the wave. It gives more points and allows jumping. Use the down arrow to return to the more stable bottom of the wave.