Daily Archives: December 18, 2011

Mina and Lisa Christmas Collection

Dress up the lovely two DoliDoli girls for a fantastic Christmas.

Christmas Tree Decorating

Christmas Tree Decorating Game.

Christmas Tractor

When the road is icy, and the snow is everywhere, and with your car it is incredibly hard and risky to drive, what do you do? Well of course, you get on the Tractor, and you go where you have to go.

Cake Shop

Start your business. Open a cafe and work in such a way as to make this cafe the best one. Serve the visitors fulfilling their orders: prepare a cake, make a coffee and bring an ice-cream, candy floss or something else.

Christmas Word Search

Play the classic word search game with a Christmas theme. You have 4 minutes to find 10 words, should be easy.

Elves Toy Factory

Join the elves toy factory and make great toys for Christmas

Snow Queen Dress Up

The Snow Queen is the queen of the snowflakes and travels throughout the world with the snow and brings winter to Earth. She is beautiful but cold like ice and she wears amazing all white dresses, made from snowflakes and ice flowers.