Daily Archives: November 23, 2011

Cutie Trend – Christmas Hair Salon

You are running a great Christmas hair salon!

Christmas – Spot the Difference Game

Find all 7 differences between each pair of images to progress in the game.

Christmas SnowDown

Help Santa before Christmas to collect gifts and avoid snowflakes!

Thanksgiving Dinner Madness

Sarah volunteered to cook dinner this year for Thanksgiving. Her only problem is she doesn't know how to cook! In this game, help Sarah run around and catch all the food she's prepared.

Homemade Frozen Yogurt

What do you prefer to eat the most during the hot summer season? Frozen yogurt is delicious and fresh. It's really simple to do. Follow the quick steps during the game and freshen you up with this great dessert.

Hearty Dinner

Tempting turkey, yummy cakes, fresh fruit and your favorite drinks, so hearty dinner, are you ready? Put on a pretty tablecloth, select favorite food, and lay on the knife and fork. Wow, happy families are enjoying hearty dinner!