Daily Archives: November 7, 2011

Raptor Rage!

Ricky the Raptor lived a good life surrounded by lush forests and green open spaces. Then the farm animals came! With the roar of chainsaws they felled his forest and shattered his peaceful existence. Help Ricky fight back and overthrow the animals.

Math Minute – Coins

Can you count how much is in your pocket?

Turkey Coloring Game

This turkey is so cute! It is much better then roasted one, isn't it? Color the turkey anyhow you'd like then save your picture and send it with your Thanksgiving greetings to your friends! Or print the picture and color anyhow you desire!

Country Musician Taylor

Taylor Swift Dress Up

Vintage Doll

Dolls are much more than toys or nice ornaments. They tell you a story about what it was like to live in their time! That doll is really fashion and of course it's an invaluable piece of collection. We hope she will charm you!

Jungle Musician

Get into the jungle groove and follow the monkey's steps.

Super Ski Championship

A quickgame, where you ski in the snow. The goal is to score as much as possible. Will you score highest among all players and be the champion?

Christmas Decoration

Decorate the Christmas Tree.

SnowMan’s Challenge

Help the snowman save Christmas by collecting all the presents that Santa lost.

Delicious Ice Cream Design

Delicious ice cream design Game.